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Anyone Care for a Used Objet?

That's right - Object Geometries, makers of the Connex series of 3D printers now has a trade in program! According to their application form:
We are excited to offer you a new trade-in program, designed so you can benefit from even more innovative and advanced Objet 3D printing capabilities. Though your Eden 3D printing system has served you well, we are offering you the unprecedented opportunity to receive up to $80,000 or EUR 60,000 credit for your machine.

If you have a 3D printer or RP system from a different company, we also have interesting trade-in opportunities for you.

You can use your credit to upgrade to a newer Eden printer or one of our top-of-the-line Connex printers. Either step ahead with our new cutting-edge PolyJet Matrix™ technology, the first technology to enable simultaneous jetting of different types of model materials; or continue to enjoy market-leading patented PolyJet™ technology with more advanced features and higher productivity in your new machine.

Somewhere in Israel there's a lot filling up with older Z Corps. Do they have a lay-away plan?

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