3D Printing Wishes for 2010


It’s New Year’s Day, 2010. We now have 366 days of progress in fabrication until 2011, and we’re wondering what might happen this year. Here are our wishes for 2010:


  • A consumer capable 3D printer. Yes, there are very inexpensive 3D printers available today, but they are hardly something you’d drop off at your Mom’s. The truth is that you must have several specific geek genes to use these devices. They certainly have opened up the market, but it isn’t ready for consumers yet. The acid test has yet to be answered: “What would Mom do with this?”
  • Easy 3D Software. 3D modeling is pretty much a required skill to use 3D printing and similar technologies today. However, the problem is that it’s beyond the skills of many people, or at least the learning curve is just too much for most people to withstand. While we’ve seen the beginnings of easier-to-use 3D software, but it just hasn’t taken off yet. We’re hoping for a breakthrough in 2010
  • Mainstream media coverage that isn’t “Star Trek”. Much of the mainstream media is still starry-eyed, and we’re wondering how well this really serves the industry. We’re hoping for less “Star Trek” and more demonstrations of practical uses

Good luck, everyone!


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