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3D Jobs of the Future

The Guardian's Ian Wylie posts an interesting vision of the future, where he extrapolates technologies emerging today into full-on industries and associated job roles. They describe a great many truly interesting jobs of the year 2020, and one of them involves 3D printing: Construction Worker. Actually, they believe that Construction Workers might be at risk, because:
… "3D printing" techniques, in which solid objects can be constructed automatically from computer models, will enable buildings to be erected in a matter of hours.
That could be true, but we suspect only certain types of construction workers need worry. From what we've seen, the 3D House Printers of the future will be gigantic inkjet-style concrete pumpers that would lay out the basic walls and floors of your 21st century fabhome. There will be plenty of jobs for painters, decorators, electricians and many other skill areas. 


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