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MakerBot FanDom

We heard about Botacon, a convention taking place in Boston on December 11th of this year. Great, we thought, people getting together celebrating robots. 
Robots, great! But what we're hearing is that a great many MakerBots will be showing up... But wait a moment - a "Con"? 
A Con, for those of you who don't know, is a fan convention. Typically the topic/location has a "con" affixed to name the event. Botacon is:
…an exciting get together of robots and the people who are creative near them. It’ll happen on December 11th at the Brooklyn Lyceum and it’ll be awesome.
Could this turn into MakerBotacon? 
And that's what we're wondering about today. When does a printer have a Fan Convention of its own? The "MakerBot Operators", as they call themselves, must be fanatics. We're not complaining about this at all - we just think it's amazing that a device is so popular that it's starting to grow 'cons. Where will the next one be?

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