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Ultra-Micro 3D Printing

We've been examining the work of EoPlex, a manufacturer that uses a proprietary 3D print technology to produce astonishingly tiny devices and structures, typically for electronics packaging. The EoPlex "basic design rules" state:
  • Minimum object length of a mere 1mm, with a maximum of 200mm
  • Feature size as low as 25 microns
  • Layer size between 5 and 500 microns
  • Up to five different materials per layer
  • Materials include Glass-ceramics, Piezoelectrics, several Oxides, dielectrics, nickel alloys, stainless steel, iron, palladium, silver, gold and platinum as well as polymer fillers
EoPlex sells the HVPF FAB, which can perform these amazing feats of printing. The most common items produced are integrated circuit packaging for compact electronic products or "advanced antennas". 
"Build chamber size" means something quite different when you're dealing with such tiny objects. So instead EoPlex typically bakes a large array of identical objects all at once, similar to chip manufacturing. 
How'd you like to print with a layer height of only 3 microns? 

Ponoko/Google Sketchup Contest Underway

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