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Reality Mixed Up By MeshMixer

Once in a while we bump into a truly amazing product and today its MeshMixer. This software permits easy manipulation of 3D mesh objects - that is to say, cut/paste/resize/move about, etc. The creation of unreal models such as the fellow with the unusual nose above is almost trivial using MeshMixer. Here's some highlights:
  • Windows software only at the moment, but OS/X and Linux are "coming soon"
  • Supports OBJ polymeshes and can import OFF meshes
  • Can export STL (useful for printing your unreal model, although format conversion with MeshLab would also work)
  • Freely "Cut off" portions and reuse them in other models
  • The software is NOT open source, but is currently free as in "research project" (Hm, perhaps a commercial product may emerge eventually??)
This amazing tool is available now, please give it a try. And if you're not convinced, we strongly recommend you watch their demonstration video, which shows a whole lot of different uses.

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