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Eleven Year Old Boy Builds 3D Printer

Some may say 3D printing is a niche topic understandable only by ultrageeks, but we're reading about Justin Urke, an eleven year old from Auburn, California who not only can use a 3D printer, but apparently has constructed his own! Even though he modified the design to increase the size of the build chamber from 4x4 inches to 8x12, he found the most challenging element of the project to be the software.

We're not sure which printer design Justin based his design upon, but there are several he could choose from.

What does this mean? We think it shows two important things: first, there are sufficient designs, software and materials available to actually achieve this on your own. Second, it shows how capable young students can be if they have the passion to focus on a project that leverages the available information. Congratulations, Justin!

Via Auburn Journal

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