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Put Your 3D Printer To Work Today!

3D Printing "connecter" CloudFab has come out of private beta and is now accepted registrations from the general public. We wrote of CloudFab earlier when they were in the testing phase. 
What's CloudFab? We term it a "connecter" because that's precisely what it does: those who require 3D printing are connected to those who have available 3D printers. This overcomes two complementary problems: many people who need to print don't have the volume or funding to to justify acquiring their own 3D printer, and many people who have 3D printers might find them idle for large portions of the day. Let's get those idle printers working on jobs for those who need them! 
CloudFab facilitates this by providing a web service to link printers and printees, in a manner similar to eBay. The process is vastly simplified by CloudFab's automated quoting system that dynamically determines a quote based on an online analysis of the .STL file in question. This enables many printer owners to use the service without having to spend considerable time analyzing the details of .STL files and conjuring up quotes. 
It's fascinating to watch the 3D printing ecosystem emerge, and we think CloudFab could be a key component linking everyone together. Don't wait - put your 3D printer to work today!
Via CloudFab 

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