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A Little World Idea

We're checking out the new iPhone app from "Little World Gifts", which is a rather cool idea. You browse a series of 3D "gifts" via your iPhone - and browsing means viewing in 3D using rotations, zoom, etc. Once you've selected something, you can pick one of your contacts and purchase the item to be sent to them. 
The recipient (who's also running the app) places the gift on a virtual shelf with other gifts they've received. Watch the video to see how it works. 
Interesting, but what does this have to do with 3D printing? We think this approach is one that hasn't been done yet by 3D print services: an iPhone app to browse and select printed objects. These objects won't just show up on your phone - they'll show up in your mailbox! 
One can easily envision an app that provides simple abilities to modify the model in basic ways (color, size, options, etc.) and then connect to the appropriate service for final printing and shipping. If you're a 3D printing service, you might consider this approach. What better way to bring clients to your service if you tie it directly to a smartphone? 
Oh and we can't forget to mention: LWGifts pulled an April Fool's day prank in which they tweeted:
SO EXCITED to announce our new 3D printer iPhone accessory with dock you can *really* play with your gifts!
That was not real, of course. 
But it could be. 

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