The Two Headed RapMan!

The Two Headed RapMan! No, it’s not the title to this summers horror flick. Instead, the very popular RapMan 3D printer kit has a new feature: two heads! For only £149.50 (USD$230) you can purchase an upgrade kit for your RapMan to add a second print head through which you may extrude a material of different color or characteristics. 
The RapMan is capable of handling up to three heads, which certainly opens up many possibilities for object creation, particularly for coloration. However, we’re wondering whether materials of different quality can be used? Does the software account for different temperatures, speeds, etc. that might be required for materials extruded from different heads? If so, this may begin to approach Objet’s PolyJet, which is a multi-material technology for their commercial 3D printers. 
Via PRLog
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