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MakerBot Extrudes The Mk5

At long last MakerBot has finally released their new extruder design: the MK5. 
This design incorporates a number of learnings gathered from MakerBot operators' experiments. Key features: 
  • Greatly simplified filament drive that completely eliminates the troublesome idler wheel and replaces it with an easily adjustable chunk of Delrin, as well as a custom designed contoured gear for reliably grabbing input filament. 
  • Redesigned heater core, which incorporates a pair of power resistors that provide even, predictable heat (unlike the hap-hazard every-time-unique Nichrome windings of the MK4 that assured no two MakerBots were the same). The new core is extremely tight and should prevent troublesome leaks. 
We're really excited about this development, since the plastruder seemed to be the weakest point of the MakerBot, where most operators spent their time rebuilding after various failure modes. The new MK5 should do away with most of the problems. Well, done, MakerBot!


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