More on the 3D Systems Projet 1500

More on the 3D Systems Projet 1500We’ve obtained some additional information about 3D Systems’ new low-cost commercial color 3D printer, the Projet 1500. Priced at slightly under USD$15,000, this device has quite a few very interesting features that we noticed while perusing 3D Systems’ documentation. Here’s the highlights of our scan through their material: 
  • Front panel has a window for viewing the build process
  • Easy-loading slot on the side for build material, which comes in 2Kg cartridges
  • Standard power requirements
  • Six different materials that are different colors – and – different physical characteristics
  • One color, Zoom a.k.a. Yellow, prints at a much higher speed for draft objects
  • Several components directly involved in printing (tray, coater, etc) are easily replaceable 
  • Minimized number of movable parts
  • Device is designed for simple operation and maintenance; all consumable parts are reachable, etc.
  • Very straightforward setup process, “installed in minutes”
  • Attractive and easy to use operation software (see image above, click for larger view)
  • Software allows direct control over easily removable support structures
  • Print queuing is possible – but you’ll still have to take items off the platform in-between prints
  • Diagnostic features, including remote diagnostics from the factory
  • Constant build speed of 12.7mm per hour (Z-axis movement) or even faster (20.3mm/hr) if using the special yellow build material in draft mode
  • Requires a separate cleaning/curing unit to finish printed objects
This looks quite good for a moderately priced commercial 3D printer, and the control software has some great features. 
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