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Modeen's Meat and Bone Experiments

3D design dxperimenter extraordinaire Dr. Thomas Modeen continues his radical 3D printing design experiments in his "Meat and Bone" series. This technique is incredibly simple yet the results are startlingly beautiful. 
His approach retains the normally discarded support structures as part of the printed work. By thinking of the design in this way right from the start, Modeen has designed a number of incredibly strange and beautiful items. 
Normally objects are designed with little thought to the support material structures, but Modeen has gone much further by placing non-contiguous object components floating in space - and then letting support structures evolve around them. Take a close look at this cup: there's only a ring structure at the top and all material below is for support. 
In this example, the object components are simply the tiny star-like structures at the top, while the majority of the work is actually brown support structure (click for larger view). This is a method of evolving abstract shapes by leveraging the support structure algorithms. Amazing! 

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