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My Robot Nation Lives

This past August we learned of a new specialized 3D print service under development, My Robot Nation. It specializes (obviously) in printed robots.  The service works much like 2D web-based composition tools and games, where you select parts from a library to build up your robot. 
My Robot Nation provides a variety of stickers, colors and other bits (rivets, plugs, eyes, hearts, switches, hats, etc.) you may attach to your personalized robot. One terrific feature is the ability to pose your robot by dragging sliders to twist the torso or raise/lower the arms. 
They don't explicitly say, but it appears they're using a ZCorp color 3D printer behind the scenes to produce these cute robots. 
Once you've finished designing your robot you select a size (ranging from 2 inches high for USD$17.99 to a big but not huge six inches at USD$169.00) and hit print. Oh, and pay, too!

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