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The New Buildatron

Buildatron has released a new version of their attractive personal 3D printer, the Buildatron Series 2. Like its predecessor, the Series 2 includes that very cool wedge-shaped metal case we believe is unique among personal 3D printers. But what's different about this version as compared to the Series 1? Here's what we found:
  • Series 2 includes 12 LM8UU bearings which should ensure very smooth and accurate head movements, leading to higher quality prints
  • Build envelope of 200mm x 200mm x140mm, as compared to Series 1's 140mm x 140mm x 110mm, a  2.6x volume increase
  • Based on the RepRap Prusa design, whereas the Series 1 is a Huxley
  • Improved hot end and plastic extrusion system
  • Heated print bed to reduce warping
  • Optional smaller nozzles of 0.4 and 0.35mm in addition to the standard 0.5mm
  • Finally, it's a touch heavier: 7.0Kg vs 6.8Kg
Of course, both models use 1.75mm filament and have a great metal case, which by the way includes a magnetic hatch to quickly access the filament spools. 
The Buildatron Series 2 looks pretty good - not only compared to its predecessor, but also to the competition, which is getting fierce these days. Available now as a kit for USD$1600 or fully assembled at USD$2500. 

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