BFB Updates the Rapman

The venerable Rapman personal 3D printer has had a bit of an update, the first, we believe, since BFB was acquired by 3D Systems. The new version, 3.2, includes a few improvements on an already terrific 3D printer kit for assembly. Here’s what we see: 
  • Touchscreen interface, likely replicated from the Rapman’s big brother, the 3DTouch
  • USB stick interface to replace the SD card method. This will still require you to wander over to the machine, but at least now you don’t have to have a SD card slot on your PC. Again, a carry-over from the 3DTouch
  • The Rapman kit is now totally solder-free, meaning assembly is greatly simplified 
The simplification is something all kits can use, since a simpler assembly process likely means more people will get involved in 3D printing.  
The price remains at £795 or USD$1250. 
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