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3D Printing Stock Companies Doing Well. Really Well

After looking through the recent financial statements from the two publicly traded 3D printing companies, 3D Systems and Stratasys, we're very impressed. Both companies are flying high. 3D Systems, for example, had revenue rise from a mere USD$112M in 2009 to a massive USD$160M in 2010, with profit rising from USD$1M to USD$20M. Stratasys was similar, moving from USD$98M in 2009 to USD$117M in 2010. 
This can only be good news for 3D printing; customers obviously want these types of products and we can only guess what they and other companies will be doing with the new burst of revenue they're receiving. Ominously, 3D Systems reports they spent almost USD$11M on research and development in 2010. Might we expect some new blockbuster products this year? 

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