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Bre Pettis on Colbert!

MakerBot Chief Bre Pettis intersected with mainstream media once again on Wednesday's edition of the Colbert Report. While Colbert speculated on the prospect of a "stack of 3D butts" found after future office parties, there was semi-serious discussion of 3D printing. During the interview, Bre had a Thing-O-Matic operating right in front of the audience.  
Colbert: What are you making?
Bre: Your head.
Yep, they had taken a scan of Colbert's head, and courageously printed it live!
Colbert expertly asked all of the right questions, including whether MakerBot would "get us on the toner", and whether household parts could be repaired, etc., giving the audience a pretty decent picture of how it works. 
Finally, Colbert bravely gave permission for his head scan to be made available, and Thingiverse was suddenly flooded with a variety of Colbert-influenced items, including this rather frightening Colberthulhu chimera
MakerBot smartly set up a special landing page on their site to catch new visitors intrigued by the concept they watched on Colbert. 
Next stop: Letterman?  

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