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3D Printing Event Coming Soon!

We've learned of an important 3D printing event taking place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands this October 25th. The event is named, not surprisingly, the "3D Printing Event". If you attend you'll be able to listen to talks by notable 3D printing personalities and also walk through an exhibition of 3D printing vendors. We're not sure who's exhibiting, but the list of talks looks very interesting and ranges from the practical "3D Spare Parts Printed at Home" to the philosophical "The Socio-Economical Implications of Post-Industrial Industrialization", with many more in-between. 
Unfortunately we're not able to attend - but you can if you happen to be in Eindhoven on 25 October. The event takes place at  Seats2Meet, Torenallee 24. The entry fee is € 95 (plus 19% VAT), but is only € 25 (plus 19% VAT) if you can prove you're a student. If you'd like to keep up to date on this event, you might want to follow their Twitter feed
Looks like a great event!

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