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Get a Free 3D Sample Print

3D printing is a new thing; so new that many people simply don't believe you if you describe it to them. Blank looks, disbelief and heavy skepticism are typical reactions to "3D printing". How then can one explain this very different concept to someone? You have to show them something - or even better, have them see and touch it. We frequently short circuit the discussion by pulling a handy 3D print from our pocket and show people on the spot. Then they get it. Well, usually they get it. 
That's the concept being used by BotMill to expand their market: increase the understanding of 3D printing by giving anyone who asks a 3D print sample of their own. At no charge they'll send you a small 3D printed object just so you can see and understand what it's all about. 
If you've never seen a 3D printed item try the link below to request delivery of your own 3D printed object. If you've seen 3D prints before, this service can show you the quality of print you'll receive from a BotMill printer. And did we say this is completely free of charge? 
Don't you always carry a 3D print sample in your pocket? You should!

Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

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