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3D Printing Buzz Increases

With the close of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show it seems like a good time to check the buzz level of 3D printing, which we suspect is higher than its ever been. By using Google Trends, a free tool that shows the frequency of search terms used on the omnipresent search engine, we can see whether people are becoming more interested in the topic. 
The search we made includes keywords "3D printing", "MakerBot", "3D Systems" and the new "Cubify". The results are quite clear - a massive jump in search interest. MakerBot leads in searches, but the new Cubify is off to a huge start as well. 
One more clue to the growing popularity of 3D printing: there's now a cartoon on a popular site related to it. CNET's weekly Low Latency comic features two guys at CES discussing a 3D printer, which looks suspiciously like a Cube. 

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