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3D Printed Exhibition at The Aram Gallery

If you happen to be in London before February 25th, you might want to drop by The Aram Gallery in Covent Garden to see their "Send to Print / Print to Send" exhibition. The exhibition features works by designers exploring the medium of 3D printing, including some folks whom we've written about such as Freedom of Creation and 
The full list of participants also includes: 
  • Assa Ashuach
  • Riccardo Bovo
  • Michael Eden
  • FAT, Jump Studios
  • Markus Kayser
  • Dirk vander Kooij
  • Chau Har Lee
  • PearsonLloyd
  • Chloe McCormick & Nicholas O’Donnell-Hoare
  • Serie
  • Superfusionlab
  • Silvia Weidenbach
These designers represent a cross section of fields including "architecture, industrial design, fashion, and product design." The exhibition attempts to introduce people to the concept of 3D printing as a design medium by seeing such works as Serie's Mumbai Facade (image above, click for larger image). It should be quite interesting. 

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