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Will PandaBot Make It?

We're watching the PandaBot 3D printer fundraising campaign closely and we're wondering if the project will reach its goal of USD$50,000. Currently they're running over USD$10,000 short with over a week to go. 
If you read through the comments on their Kickstarter page, you'll encounter some controversy surrounding the print quality and ability of Panda Robotics to provide answers. While one can debate whether the controversy is real, it evidently has caused some backers to reduce their pledges, putting the funding in jeopardy. 
Nevertheless, the PandaBot includes some very unique features, such as a self-leveling bed and overall consumer friendliness, so we'd love to see it succeed. If there's one thing the personal 3D printing space needs these days, it's more ease of use. 
If you're looking for a personal 3D printer and would like to experiment with a new type of consumer-friendly device, check out the PandaBot.
Via Kickstarter (Hat tip to Normand and Frank)

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