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The Ultra-Bot 3D Printer

The Ultra-Bot is yet another Kickstarter project producing a unique 3D printer. This one is already successful, raising over 5x its goal of USD$7,500. 
Project creator William Steele of Indiana did indeed do something very unique on this project. No, he didn't invent or incorporate a new technology. No, he didn't make something incredibly less expensive. 
He reimagined an existing machine. 
As the owner of a now-aging MakerBot CupCake, he found it had a few issues beyond aging electronics and extruders: it just wasn't robust when traveling. He decided to do something about it. 
The Ultra-Bot project rebuilds the CupCake with clear acrylic panels to make it more sturdy. He's relocated the electronics to a safer position underneath the device. He's upgraded the electronics to modern versions and replaced the extruders with more precise contemporary designs. 
What's the same? Two things: the mechanicals and the spirit of the original CupCake. 

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