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3D Printing Produces Abundance?

Peter H. Diamandis is well known as the originator of the recent series of X-Prizes that have launched a couple of new 21st century industries. He also founded the Singularity University, too, which led to a unique extra-terrestrial 3D printing initiative, Made In Space
Diamandis and partner Steven Kotler have just come out with a new book, "Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think", in which they propose that advanced technology will make our world a far better place rather than the all-too-frequent Science Fiction doomsday scenarios predict. 
We strongly agree with their position; the future is getting better, so long as we keep making it. 
3D printing plays a prominent role in the new book. In an excerpt published on Slate, a manufacturer encountering 3D printing relates his thoughts on what might happen. 
Lots, we think. 
Via Slate

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