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Design with ImplicitCAD

Have you heard of OpenSCAD? It's an open source software project that can be used to produce 3D models without a visual interface. How's that work again? You write a kind of computer program whose instructions gradually generate all the pieces of your model. It's a grand idea that we'll delve deeper into in the future. 
But what's this about ImplicitCAD? It's a significant advance in the OpenSCAD concept. Like OpenSCAD, it can produce 3D models from a software program. The difference is that the computer language used to do the generation is Haskell, a very powerful and popular functional programming language. In other words, where OpenSCAD is limited to use of its not-so-powerful programming language, ImplicitCAD can leverage the full power of a modern programming environment. Very complex mathematics can be used to generate unbelievably complex and flexible models for art and industry. 
As powerful as ImplicitCAD is, you still need to know Haskell. Where's the Haskell book? 

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