The Indymaker Color 3D Printer

Finally – we’ve been waiting for this! Maker Doug Keenan of Indianapolis has designed a personal 3D printer that has a very unique feature: Four Color Printing. The Indymaker Color 3D Printer accepts up to four plastic filament spools, which may be of different colors. A special switch delivers different color plastic to the print head. 
To be clear, this isn’t “full color printing” in which any color from the spectrum may be reproduced. It’s really single color printing with instantly switchable colors. Nevertheless, its a huge step forward that permits all manner of multicolored objects to be produced in single print runs. Imagine a pepper shaker that’s black and white – and says “Pepper” on it in red letters. 
The project requires US$20,000 to be able to “integrate the electronics, take advantage of price scaling, and to get good constructive feedback from early users.” This is a prototype, of course, which may lead to an actual product in the future. 
By donating to the project you’ll receive different rewards based on the amount you donate. For those donating USD$999 or over, you’ll receive an actual Indymaker Color 3D Printer kit – or an assembled version if you’re able to wait a bit longer. 
If this sounds interesting (and we think it does), head on over to Kickstarter and check out Keenan’s new project. 
Via KickStarter (Hat tip to KSLY Innovations)
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