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The MiiCraft Hi-Res 3D Printer

Another resin-based personal 3D printer is in the works, as pointed out by Ponoko. The MiiCraft team have been working on a device that cures resin with UV light provided by a DLP Pico Projector. 
They don't have a product available yet, but their goal is to produce one by June 2012 and price it at USD$2000. 
The quality of the models produced thus far is extremely good as you can see in the images. Be sure to follow the link below to see videos of their machine in action. They've previously produced flexible prints using a blue resin. That alone suggests to us all kinds of possibilities for terrific 3D prints. 
MiiCraft is not the only resin-based personal 3D printer under development. Junior Veloso is perhaps the most well known at this point, and his product will be a kit priced at USD$4,000, quite a difference from MiiCraft's. It should be very interesting to compare these devices when they're both available. 

Hod Lipson in The Inquirer

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