A 3D Printer, Lying Around The Office…

There is an increasing number of 3D printers found across the world today, as they spread from factories to offices and workshops. But that’s the thing – they are found in designer studios, hobbyist labs, architectural offices, etc. But you don’t find them in a typical random office setting. 
Or do you?  
Ricardo Geromel writes in Forbes of his visit to Google’s offices in Tel Aviv, where, as you might expect from the IT giant, the office is equipped with a variety of perks designed to ease the life of their staff. Pinball machines, games and music among other capabilities encourage programmers to spend time at the workplace and, well, get more work done. 
But among the extensive list cited by Geromel was “a 3D printer”
This might not be the first time it’s happened, but it’s the first time we’ve seen a reference to use of a 3D printer at an office not having a specific and direct business use for one. Could this be a scene we see often in the future?
How do you feel about this concept? Would you like your office to provide a 3D printer? 
Via Forbes
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