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Print a Chocolate Brain!

They didn't actually print a chocolate brain, rather the team from Inition took MRI scan data from their founder Andy Millins and created a 3D model. Once you have a 3D model, as readers know well, you can do some 3D printing. 
In this case the team created detailed 3D model of the brain from the MRI data, which was then 3D printed on their ZCorp Zprinter 450 3D printer. A negative mold was created by painting the solid brain with latex - and then peeling it off. Finally, melted chocolate was poured into the mold and set for three hours in a refridgerator. Once completed, were only two tasks left to do:
  • Post the entire procedure to Instructables (Done, Check!)
  • Eat the brain (Done, Check!)
Along with 3D printing stuff with your name on it, there seems to be a fascination with printing body parts and eating them. No, we're not offering any further speculation on this matter!

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