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Freshfiber Offers 3D Printed iPhone 5 Cases

Mere hours after Apple's iPhone 5 announcement, custom case vendor Freshfiber announced they now offer cases for said device. 
In all, Freshfiber announced six different case styles, all of which are quite interesting, uniquely functional and offered in several cool colors. 
The cases include one that doubles as a business card holder; another is made of chain mail that jingles as you shake it; others mimic a boom box or leather binder; two are eclectic mathematically generated designs. 
One wonders how Freshfiber was able to generate these new designs so quickly for a product that allegedly was kept top secret until it was announced on the 12th. Either Freshfiber was given pre-announcement access to the specs or they gambled on the dimensions published by the rumor blogs. 
Either way, the designs are definitely cool. 

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