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Another 3D Print Retail Shop - In Paris!

After the initial experiments in retail storefronts for 3D printing products in places such as New York, we now see another retail operation has opened in Paris: PROTOSHOP.
It seems the focus of PROTOSHOP (opened by the rapid prototyping company Multistation) is to provide Parisians with an opportunity to see, touch, ask questions about and even purchase personal 3D printing and related equipment. The flagship printer seems to be the Extru 3D, which appears to be a rebranded BFB Rapman. 
In addition to the 3D printer, PROTOSHOP also offers CAD software, more advanced 3D printing options and even a selection of used commercial 3D printers. 
It should be interesting to observe the outcome of this experiment. PROTOSHOP is backed by a rapid prototyping company so that it has every chance of succeeding. Regardless, Parisians will gain insight into 3D printing if they happen to drop into PROTOSHOP at 14 Rue d’ Armorique.

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