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Something’s Going on at MakerBot

It finally hit us: something’s happening at MakerBot recently. We’ve noticed a couple of actual sales of their equipment, culminating with this rather striking Amazon deal. For the price of USD$2,799, you can obtain:
  • A Replicator 2
  • A Digitizer
  • Two spools of plastic filament
Normally, this combination would sell separately for $3,695, but they’re knocking the price down by an amazing USD$896. Quite the deal, isn’t it?  
But wait a second - with the astonishing and exponentially growing demand for 3D printers, the utter lack of discounts by almost every other 3D printer vendor, why would MakerBot drop prices? 
At first we thought perhaps they felt their prices were too high. Maybe they are, but we understand sales are proceeding well. But there’s another reason. 
MakerBot must be attempting to clear out their inventory in anticipation of announcing a new device, likely at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. It makes sense, as MakerBot tends to announce a new printer each year and the Rep2 is a year old. Likely it will be discontinued, or perhaps relegated to a second tier on their sales shelf. But the Digitizer too? It was released only months ago. Could it also be replaced with a newer model? 
We’ll find out next week. 
Via Amazon

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