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Shapeways Meets Up

We've frequently seen notices from Shapeways (and other companies) announcing meetups. The problem is that these meetups are rarely happening in your city. Sure, if you are a Manhattanite or a Londoner, perhaps, but most people simply aren't nearby. 
Shapeways proposes to solve this dilemma by having a meetup - everywhere! 
They've announced a "World Meetup Day" on February 28th, where those interested in Shapeways can gather and chat about Shapeways stuff. So far 50 cities will participate in the event, however, as of this writing all but 20 have only one participant or fewer signed up. We suspect this will change as word gets out. 
But wait! What happens if your city isn't on the list of 50? No problem - you can start your own meetup in your own location. 
See you on the 28th!

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