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3D Printing Resources

We've spent some time updating our 3D resources page. If you haven't seen it, the page contains our list of key 3D printing resources. Areas of coverage now include lists for: 
  • Do It Yourself Options
  • Hobbyist 3D Printers
  • Commercial 3D Printers
  • Popular 3D Print Services
  • Popular 3D Print Related Books
  • 3D Print Crowdsourcing
  • Notable 3D Print Artists
  • Commercial 3D Modeling Software
  • Free 3D Modeling Software
  • Web-Based 3D Modeling Tools
  • Finding 3D Models
  • 3D Scanners and Scanning Services
  • 3D Print Material and Accessories
  • Related Blogs
While we cannot list every resource, particular now that the field of 3D printing is exploding, we've tried to include the major and interesting players. If you've got an addition to the list, please send it over!
Check out the link below or the permanent link at the top right of our menu bar. 

The List of Personal 3D Printers, 2013

Global TV Features 3D Printing