The List of Personal 3D Printers, 2013

After updating our resources page, we realized we had produced a useful list of personal 3D printers. If you’re in the mood for 3D printer shopping, we suggest you try our list.
It includes links to companies offering low-cost pre-assembled, personal 3D printers. It does not include 3D printer kit options, which you can find on our Resources page. It also does not include every 3D printer you could purchase, as there have been numerous small startup companies in recent months, most of which have yet to emerge from their initial launch phase. When they do, we’ll put them on our list. 
Our list of personal 3D printers, as of today: 
  • A1-Technologies – Produces the Maxit, designed for the education market
  • Afinia 3D printer – An assembled plastic extrusion personal 3D printer
  • Bits From Bytes – Produces the RapMan and related 3D printer products, primarily addressing the academic and home markets. Now part of the 3D Systems family of companies
  • CB-Printer – Produces a very robust, all-metal personal 3D printer in kit or assembled form 
  • Choc-Edge – Makes a 3D printer specifically designed to print chocolate, the Choc Creator 
  • Cubify – 3D Systems’ line of already-assembled, easy-to-use personal 3D printers
  • Deezmaker – Makes the Bukobot, which features an expandable build volume
  • Felix Printers – Produces the Felix personal 3D printer 
  • Formlabs – Produces a very popular high-resolution resin-based personal 3D printer
  • Imagine – Produces a syringe-based personal 3D printer, capable of printing food and other squishy substances 
  • Leapfrog  – Produces the popular Creatr plastic extrusion machine, and a larger version, the Xeed
  • Lulzbot – A reprap-based open source design, but fully assembled and ready to print
  • MakerBot – A growing manufacturer of popular 3D Printer kits based on the RepRap approach. All designs are open sourced
  • MakeMendel – Produces kits or assembled versions of the RapidBot 3D printer
  • PP3DP – Manufactures the “Up!” micro factory personal portable 3D printer
  • Solidoodle – A robustly made personal 3D printer
  • Type A Machines – Produces personal 3D printers with large build volumes
  • Ultimaker – Ultra-fast RepRap derived 3D printer 
Did we forget something? Let us know!
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