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The End of the 3D Printing Party?

We're reading a piece by Brad Moon on InvestorPlace entitled, "3D Printing Party Could End Before It Begins". The point seems to be that the magic of 3D printing will be destroyed by legal infighting amongst participants. 
Cited as evidence in the article are: 
All true events, but hardly evidence of a "backlash" against 3D printing. Consider: 
  • No 3D printer manufacturer or owner wants devices with DRM. Manufacturers have no incentive to pay Intellectual Ventures for this capability
  • Takedown notices occur occasionally and there's a good reason: the objects are copied without permission
  • The Formlabs lawsuit's outcome has not been decided and is related to very specific aspects of the Form 1 machine's internal processes
The 3D printing party is about to end? Hardly. We're just getting started. 
Image Credit: WikiMedia 

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