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ExOne Reports Results

3D printer manufacturer ExOne, one of the very few publicly traded 3D printer companies, announced the results of their fourth quarter 2012 operations. The results look promising - but it's not all good news.  
During the fourth quarter of 2012 the company received revenues of USD$12.7M, up 27% over the previous year. Some USD$900,000 in profit was made during that quarter as well. 
However, for the entire year 2012, ExOne reported a loss of USD$10.2M. It's not all that bad, however, as revenue climbed 87.6% over 2011. 
Results such as these can be expected from the type of market ExOne addresses: big time manufacturers. In all of 2012, ExOne sold only thirteen machines. That may not sound like a lot, but each machine is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dividing their USD$28.7M revenue by thirteen machines suggests ballpark revenue of around $2M each. It won't take many sales to turn this ship. 
Via ExOne

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