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The EZ3D Desktop Printer

Another 3D printer project is listed on Kickstarter: The EZ3D Desktop Printer. The project expires today and unfortunately it appears that it will not achieve its fundraising goal of USD$25,000, having raised only about half of that. 
Nevertheless this printer has some interesting features that we thought we'd point out. 
The EZ3D surprisingly does not have a screw for raising and lowering the Z-axis print bed. Instead it uses stepper motors with counterweights on pulleys to perform more accurate movements. They say this will result in "straighter walls"
Another unique feature is dual temperature monitoring. The idea is to ensure your plastic filament does not prematurely soften higher up from the extruder, where stray heat sometimes travels. 
While the Kickstarter project didn't achieve its goal, its possible EZ3D may still sell the unit from their website. 

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