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Flexiscale Makes Your Railway Models

Flexiscale is a UK-based company specializing in making model railway kits that you can spend enjoyable time assembling. While the practice of model building has been a hobby for many decades, Flexiscale is now approaching the development of kits with modern technology. 
They use advanced 3D scanning technology to fully capture 3D scans of real life railway equipment. The scans are then converted into 3D CAD models and split up into parts that make up the entire assembly kit. 
The more interesting part of their new approach is the choice of subject. Members of their community can "Propose" a particular item for scanning and conversion into a model. The community then votes on the proposed models and Flexiscale selects the most popular items for production. 
Once they've added the model to their repository, anyone can purchase one - which is produced on demand by 3D printing. 

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