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Geomagic and Alibre Merge

Two brands of 3D design software under one company? The inevitable occurred when acquirer 3D Systems merged the two previously separate and competing brands into one: Geomagic. There is no more Alibre, it turns out. They say: 
An initial step is that we have rebranded Alibre Design products as Geomagic Design. This means that the software will now be a core part of a much larger, yet highly experienced, software operation, making available additional support, development and training resources. It also means that the Geomagic Design products will ultimately be able to benefit from the other interesting and game-changing technologies in the Geomagic group that deliver 3D haptic modeling, reverse engineering, scanning, and inspection software.
This is actually good news, as it means the two development teams combine into a stronger one that can focus on more advanced features and it also means (hopefully) that the best features of the two products will eventually be available in one tool. 
The new brand name is Geomagic Design, available in two versions: Expert, for USD$1999 and Personal, for USD$199. (Note: both are available for Windows platforms only.) We expect many Fabbaloo readers will be interested in the Personal version, as it's in the price range for many hobbyists. While USD$199 is far more than an open source or introductory tool, you must know that Geomagic Design is a very powerful and comprehensive tool, with which you'll be able to design very complex objects. 

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