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Shapeways Snaps Up $30M

Considering that Shapeways is located in New York City, it seems a little strange that they did not exhibit at the Inside 3D Printing expo last week. But they had a rather good excuse: they've raised another round of funding from their existing investors to the tune of USD$30M. 
Shapeways Director of Marketing Carine Carmy explained that they could not exhibit as they were overwhelmed with the investment announcement, which you must admit is pretty dramatic. 
This is a staggering amount of cash, suggesting they have grand plans for world domination, or perhaps merely domination of 3D print services. 
When we visited Shapeways "Factory of the Future", we were struck by the absolutely cavernous factory floor - most of which was empty. At the time the question we pondered was, "who's going to pay for all this space?" 
The answer is now clear. Expect another 50 large scale 3D printers to appear in that space soon. 

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