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Perfectly Smooth PLA 3D Prints?

We've written previously about a method to create a perfectly smooth (even shiny) surface finish on your ABS plastic 3D prints, but one wonders whether the same can be done on PLA 3D prints. 
ABS plastic is dissolved by Acetone, so a typical approach is to (CAREFULLY AND SAFELY) dip your ABS object into an Acetone vapor to soften and smooth its exterior surface. PLA is a biodegradable material that can actually be dissolved in water if you wait long enough - but what happens when you mix it with Acetone? 
The folks at Funbie studios decided to give this a shot and performed the experiment. They organized a glass jar containing a healthy amount of Acetone and submerged several printed PLA objects using wire suspension. 
The results? Not good. As you can see, several of the objects actually starting losing their color almost instantly. 
We're wondering if the test should be repeated using Acetone vapor instead of Acetone submersion? The vapor would deposit far less Acetone at a much slower rate, permitting more control over the affect on the object. 

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