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Made In Space To Really Go To Space

They made the 3D printer, now they send it into space. Made In Space, the startup who have designed a compact 3D printer suitable for use in the weightless environment in space, now have a flight date for their machine. In August 2014 their 3D printer will be carried aloft to the International Space Station on one of SpaceX's Dragon supply missions. 
This will be the very first time 3D printing technology reaches beyond Earth. It won't be the last time. 
Anything traveling to space has a specific mission, and Made In Space's 3D printer is no different. During its term at the station it will demonstrate the viability of one method of 3D printing, extrusion. Feedback will be gathered to aid in the development of future space-based 3D printers. It's all part of the journey from the lab to everyday use (at least in orbit). 
We're wondering what the first print should be. Any suggestions? 

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