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MakerBot Doesn't Forget

MakerBot sold thousands of CupCakes and Thing-O-Matics long before they moved to the Replicator and Replicator 2 models. The new machines were (and are) driven by some pretty slick software called MakerWare, which enables you to scale and position models before printing and control the print operation. 
Unfortunately for those with models earlier than the Replicators, MakerWare didn't work for them. Until now. 
MakerWare release 2.1.0 now supports the Thing-O-Matic! MakerBot says: 
We’re glad to offer this integration for some of our long-time customers, who have contributed significantly to the MakerBot community. 
We're very glad to see this development, because there's a gap between startup 3D printer manufacturers like MakerBot racing as fast as they can to develop the very best devices with breakneck releases and updates, and customers who just can't upgrade that fast.
Personal 3D printing is racing ahead so quickly now that it's often beyond the capacity of individuals to keep up. Hats off to MakerBot for recognizing those left behind.  

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