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3D Genealogy with My People's Tree

A new app from eliumstudio provides an ability to generate 3D printed genealogical trees. My People's Tree, available at no charge on the iTunes app store, lets you specify names faces and relationships in true family tree style. 
Faces are created from uploaded photos. In our experiment it seemed that you need a clear, high-contrast full face image to properly transform into a useful 3D equivalent. 
Once you've created your tree, you can then send it to the Sculpteo 3D print service to create it in real life. You can also order "separate elements", such as branches and bases to assemble your tree pieces into an actual tree structure as shown above. 
The pricing of your tree varies, depending on the number of elements. Our test involved six "petals" (USD$8 each), a 5-way branch to connect five descendants to the ancestor (USD$26), and a 19 x 17 cm base (USD$99), for a grand total of USD$172. Pricey, but certainly unique. 

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