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3D Systems Acquires Phenix Systems

3D Systems continues its acquisition run with the announcement they've agreed to take on Phenix Systems, a manufacturer of metal 3D printing devices. 
France-based Phenix Systems uses the "Direct Metal Selective Laser Sintering" process, which uses high-powered lasers to fuse layers of metal powder into solid objects at very fine resolutions. The process is very similar in concept to 3D Systems' SLS process, but uses metal instead. 
3D Systems has not yet bought the 13-year old Phenix outright; instead they've "only" acquired some 80% of Phenix's shares. However, they intend to pursue the remaining 20% after the main acquisition deal closes in July, with the goal of a clean 100% ownership. 
3D Systems' strategy is to offer as many different 3D printing processes as possible, as they (correctly) believe that no single process can serve all needs. With this acquisition, they've added a key capability to their already daunting arsenal of 3D printing processes. 

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