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MakerBot's New Factory

As the rumors indicated, MakerBot has indeed opened up a brand new factory in a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood, close to MakerBot's head office and original workshops. 
The new factory's massive 55,000 square feet will be used to build the company's current products, the Replicator 2 and Replicator 2X, and we suspect future products as well. Initially 100 staff will be employed to construct the devices, with another 50 soon to be added. 
We weren't able to attend the grand opening event, but our friends at SolidSmack did and posted many more images of the new plant and its processes
This is good news for Brooklyn: brand new manufacturing jobs in an area where such jobs have been dwindling for decades. It's also good news for MakerBot, who now have significantly greater capacity for turning out product at a much faster pace. Such a large manufacturing expansion is no doubt very challenging, but we're certain MakerBot will have it running smoothly. 

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