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The Creepiest Thing Ever 3D Printed

We anticipated a very cool robot when we watched the video. But we all went "ick", too. The Robugtix T8 is a robotic octopod (a.k.a. spider) that's largely made of 3D printed body parts. 
It's the motion that is so creepy. The motion is realistic, but also strange. It's as if the T8 is aware, intelligent or perhaps even malicious. And it's a spider. A 1Kg spider. 
We think it is indeed the creepiest thing ever 3D printed. If you're skeptical, watch the video below. In the dark. 
If creepy is your game, head over to Robugtix and order one for yourself. They cost USD$1,350 at a pre-order discounted price. 
Just don't make it crawl up someone's leg. 

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