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3D Systems’ Digital Content Strategy

Or should we say, “Strategies”. We’re having a very hard time keeping track of 3D Systems content products. They’ve been rapidly acquiring existing 3D content providers while at the same time developing their own. They’ve entered into partnerships with untold numbers of other 3D services as well. 
Why are they doing this? To promote use of their 3D printers. For each 3D model, so the theory goes, there will be 3D prints produced. We think that’s generally true. 
Recently, for example, they acquired Gentle Giant Studios, who produce licensed 3D printed content from highly recognizable brands, such as the Walking Dead characters in the image at top. 
Another example is the dollhouse project, where they offer a large selection of 3D-printable dollhouse items. 
We’ve seen 3D Systems vastly increase their online content within their Cubify operation as well, and with such devices as the 3DMe Photo Booth to deploy content, we believe they’re in a great strategic position. 

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